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Thank you for visiting fitnessinnovator.com .  My name is Sean Ninov, the CEO of Fitness Innovator. I am the sole developer and owner of this website. I started the development on this website alone back in Oct 2015. After spending long hours working relentless for 3 months, the website was finally turned live on 1/1/2016.

Fitness Innovator has only one Mission which is to promote Health, Fitness and Wellness for people from all walks of life. 

You will find that there are lots of valuable  information in the health and fitness categories for the benefits of audience. The  information  are absolutely FREE for all, including the very first beginner ABS Workout Program. There are also paid versions of Intermediate and Advance levels ABS Workout Program for those who need to go extra miles.

The ABS programs are proven effective for those who consistently adopt it, couple with proper diet and supplements intake. The investment for customers who purchase the workout program is dirt cheap and nothing to lose compare to spending thousands of dollars by joining Gym membership or buying expensive equipments. That’s why this No Equipment Home Program concept was developed on this basis to help people save money and yet able to achieve good appearance , fitness and health.

To be honest there are huge cost involved in developing those programs and the current selling price is not even able to cover the website maintenance cost. This is inline with the company’s mission of promoting Health, Fitness and Wellness. Before I decided to set up this website, I had one thing in my mind which is ” The most expensive thing in our life is the sick bed” . In another words  we must start invest in our health before it’s too late ,to avoid paying huge medical cost , even our lives due to health problem.

For me personally , I am very passionate about workouts and sports, always maintain fitness and health. I used this program as a guidance in every alternate days, on top of playing sport twice a week. That’s why I am dedicated to run this website without considering profit at the first place. I urged all visitors to help support me to keep the operating cost low enough so as I can continue to provide good free information and fascinating products in future.

I hope that fitnessinnovator.com will serve as a reliable resource and trusted adviser  in your journey towards true health, fitness and great appearance!



Sean Ninov

CEO, Fitness Innovator.

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