No Equipment Workout

Most of the exercise you do in No Equipment Home Workout require only the body weight for resistance. Your own body weight can provide tremendous numbers of home workout routines that does all the great things, that is to increase your strength and grow your Six Pack Muscles.

Regardless whether your are a beginner at whatever fitness level, the body weight exercise will do the jobs to trim fat on specific body parts, promote weight loss , make you more muscular look and ultimately improve your health. And you can do all of those at home workout buying ,lending or stealing any of the usual tools such as dumbbells, benches, barbells, gymballs or machines.

All the workouts I mentioned in this Home Workout Program , specifically target at abdominal or ABS area, required zero equipments. There are a lots of selling points for these programs:

  • You don’t have to spend a small fortune to get fit, good body look and healthy.
  • You can make it happen everywhere: your home, your friends’ home, in the field , hotels etc. travel can never be a an obstacles to do the exercise.

No Equipments Workouts acquire a training technique called Circuit Training. In circuit training, you do 1 set of each exercise and moving quickly from each exercise to another , which allows you to get more work done in less time, hence apply intense stress to your targeted ABS area. This is even more efficient  process when there is no weight to adjust or station to set up. Circuit Training  also give each muscle group enough time to recover before moving to the next exercises.

We have done the circuit exercise design specifically for you, one for the beginner (ABS Level 1) and the other for intermediate (ABS Level 2) trainers. There are many more designs for advance trainers… The numbers of ABS workout design levels is unlimited but these 2 sets of exercise will just do the work for you as a start. While you have gain physically with certain amount of fat trimmed off under your abdominal skin-that’s where a basic six pack shape is formed, you will need to go for advance workout levels to further finetune, shape  and grow the ABS muscle bigger and stronger..


Before the start of the exercise, don’t forget to do 5-10 minutes  Warm Up Exercise as mentioned in the other article in this website. Then do the set of exercises, make sure you control the timing during the workouts. Start with 30 reps or less for each exercise.

The ABS Workout Video you download from this website was carefully designed in consideration of the workout timing for muscle recovery and types of exercise to target Upper, Lower and Oblique (Side) abdominal ABS area. When you completed the circuits, such as Program Level 1 or Level 2 exercises, cool down for several minutes . Then go through the circuit for second time.

When you have started this intensive training already, your diet and food need to be controlled as well. Carefully select proper type of Protein Supplements that suits your body. With this program, I can assure you of successfully  build up your Six Pack ABS  just in 6 Weeks!

ABS Workout Level 1 Image

ABS Program Level 1 (2 times Per Alternate Day)

  • Push Thru Crunch

  • Rotation Oblique Crunch(change side after 30 reps)

  •  X-arms crunch

  • 4 times legs Strokes

  •  Foot to Foot Crunch

  •  Hand rest on thigh crunch

Package 1 (Level1&2) Image

ABS Program Level 2(2 times Per Alternate Day)

  • Foot to Foot Crunch

  • X-arms Crunch

  • Verticle Legs Crunch

  • 4 times Legs Strokes

  • Push Thru Crunch

  •  Reverse Crunch

  •  Double Twist

  •  Rotation Oblique Crunch(change side after 30 reps)

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