Plan Your Six Pack ABS Workout

Warm Up

The purpose of warm up is to raise your muscles temperature for work to come. Doing 5 to 10 minutes warm up before your workout is very important to prevent your muscles and ligaments from getting injury. By doing some light cardio exercise such as push pull, high knee march, arm circles, deep squat, torso rotation and jumping jack and dynamic stretching will make your heart beat faster which pumps oxygen and nutrient to your muscles and raise your body temperature. Elevated temperature makes your muscles more elastics and hence reduce the risk of injury during starts of workout. Do starts with light workout with less repetitions and slowly increase it and gradually switch from easy to medium and hard workouts routines.

Frequency of Six Pack ABS Workout

We all have six pack underneath our body fat because our abs are crisscrossed by connective tissue that make them look as if they are made up of separate segments. In order to make your six pack more defined you have to increase the size of these segments by doing the intense workout to exhaust your abs, then allow the muscles to recover and grow in at least 48 hours before the next workout. You should also eat 1.5-2g of protein per each KG of your body weight as part of your normal diet to build your muscles. So the normal workout frequency should be 3 times a week consistently.

How to get Great Six Pack ABS

While  six pack abs specific training is essential for building the six pack you have always wanted, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only your favorite workout, instead you must adopt carefully designed workouts to target specific lower, upper and oblique abs areas. It is important that this workout exercises must hit and stress the areas at different angles consistently so as to enhance and make the muscles grow.


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