Six  Pack ABS Muscle Building Disciplines

Finding it difficult to stay on track during your initial six pack ABS workout program start up? Your will power and determination is not something you have naturally but it needs to be built. An easy example is that you may find that it is very tough to complete a 30 repetitions each of 6 types of workout crunch if you have never done that before. Which come to 180 crunches in a 10 minutes  workout program. Tough? Here are some advice for you: 

can do

1.Can Do Attitude

First of all, the success of building six pack abs muscle lies with “Can Do” attitude. Think positive and flash in mind of the goal you want to achieve. For example, you feel your muscle pain during the workout thinking you are giving up. But your mind must clearly understand that this is part of the muscle building process without which your muscle isn’t going to have microtear, recover and grow.



Share your loose fat or muscles building plan with your colleagues or friends as sort of commitment to yourself. Tell them how soon you intend to get the result you desire.


3.Monitor Your progress

Take picture of yourself before you start a workout plan and subsequently once a week to see the progress. If you follow the right program plan religiously with consistency, I am sure you would feel proud of the success as a results of your hard work. Tracking the progress to realize if any lacking so as you can correct and adjust your plan.


4.Build Your Willpower

Build your willpower because we don’t own it naturally. Always challenge next level of training from easy to hard and difficult. You will find that the hard one becomes easy and difficult becomes hard and easy eventually, hence raise up your willpower.


5.Avoid Temptations

If you resolve not to eat carb food that you tempted to, you will eat more of it. A researcher call this ‘Behavioral Ironic Rebound’. You can avoid this temptation by eating more of vegetables and Protein.


6.Reward Yourself

Reward yourself after a week hard work out with the food you like in moderation. This will encourage you to prepare for much harder workout the following weeks.

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