Things To Keep In Mind Whenever You Do ABS Workout


1.Protect Your Neck and Lower Back

Keep your lower back intact with the workout mat as much as possible to avoid injury . The same for the neck, not to overdone by lifting too much off the ground.

2.Watch Your Speed

The speed at which you perform the workout will determine the effectiveness.To grow ABS mass , you need to keep the muscles tension longer. To build power, you need to speed up your workout movements explosively while maintaining good form. Pay attention to the tempo with consistency in movements.

3. Pick Your Workout Level

It is adviceble to start your workout from an easy , intermediate and hard or advance level gradually. This is to avoid injury and overstress , both physically and mentally.

Cross Arm Crunches

4.Don’t Forget To Manage Your Breath

Never hold your breath when you workout. For example you have to breath out when raise your upper body towards for a cross arm crunch, and breath in when lower down back to starting position.


5.Get Balance

Is one side of your six pack is more obvious than the other? It is fairly common as the strength of muscle are different between right handed or lefted handed man or women. This can be resolved by paying attention to the change and apply unilateral or one sided workout to balance up.

6.Progressive Workouts

Your body is very clever as it quickly adapts to the stress in the workouts so as the muscles can handle the stress more efficiently. That means if you always do the same workout your body will adapt to it  and stop grow new muscle. In progressive workout, you have to keep changing the workouts  progressively from easy, intermediate to hard and advance so as to build new muscles.


7.Stay Hydrated

During workout, don’t drink only when you feel thirsty in which you already enter the stage of dehydration, affecting your performance.Always prepare enough water for your workouts.


8.Eat Right After Your Workout

30-45 minutes immediately after your work out is crucial time for your muscles to absorp nutrients. So take a protein snack or fast acting protein powder drink and antioxidants is the best.

9.Get Rest for Recovery

Your muscles don’t grow during the workout. It will grows during the recovery in the next 24-48 hours after the workout. So get enough rest and sleep is very important.






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